Hello world!

So, here I sit, full of words, yet oddly at a loss for what to write on this blog that I have created in my mind for the last two years.  I’m sure it will take me a while to get the hang of blogging so for now I’ll just chat a bit about me and why I’m entering this public world of blogging.

My brown-eyed brood is a family of five (all varying shades of brown eyes but mostly we have some seriously dark eyes) living in the deep south via Virginia and North Carolina.  The brown-eyed hubby (hereafter BEH) has been the love of my life since entering adulthood – yes, we were all of 18 when we began this ride.  We dated for five years and have now been married for 10 1/2.  We have three adorable brown-eyed children – a daughter who is about to be six going on 21 (she is our brown-eyed girl, BEG), a son who is four in one week and so stinking cute (BEB), and the newest addition is also a son of seven months and I’m sure his face will one day crack from all the smiling (LBEB).

I wanted to blog to share my typical chaotic days with those in similar walks, share my projects and maybe even share some helps and tips and gain some in return.

We are in many ways the typical American family but in many ways we are not.  We believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior and sit in awe of Him on a daily basis.  My BEH and I are in a constant state of chaos that we love (most days) with our little ones and the craziness of every day life.  I have been a stay-at-home-mom for nearly a year and a half now, and prior to that I was a WAHM beginning when our BEG was 8-months-old.  We are pretty sure we are going to homeschool beginning this fall (I plan to be in a constant state of prayer over this decision!).  Our daughter is currently in public school and has been learning wonderfully but for many reasons we want to give homeschooling a try.  Most will read this and assume it is because we are Christians but there are several reasons.  Those include the fact that I hate that most of my time with my daughter (who just so happens to be the most hyper, least organized and least motivated of the three at the moment) revolves around us stressing to get ready for school, get your homework done, study your sight words, eat your supper, take your bath, etc. with very little time left for playing, snuggling and just being silly with the family.  The current state of government funding and changes in the education system is also playing a part.  We have several friends who are teachers and most of them are not happy with the changes, class sizes, etc.  We have a few friends who are former teachers planning to homeschool as well.  And, of course, we want to protect their little minds and bodies while they are little and arm them with strength and knowledge they will need as they get older and face all life’s trials.  My six-year-old doesn’t need to know who the top pop stars are just yet, that it matters to others whether her shoes have “an N or a check”, that “shid” is a cuss word that so-and-so told her about and so on.  Right now she just needs to enjoy her princess dresses and Barbies and feel safe and secure.  There’s plenty of time to find out all about the bad things this world has to offer.

Anyway, I have a dirty kitchen waiting for me, a husband who’s making a 45-minute detour to find the right bike for a certain little boy’s birthday party next weekend and a bed awaiting me to pass out very soon I hope.  It was nice meeting you.  Stop by again soon and we’ll sit on the porch and rock and chat a while.  (Told you I was in the deep south).  🙂


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