The Monday Before the Saturday

Today is the Monday that begins the week before the Saturday…the birthday Saturday…not just for one brown-eyed child, but for two of them.  And, I must confess, I’m not a big birthday party fan.  I actually don’t mind them once they start but the planning, preparing,  comparing and my OCDness all just wear me out.  A huge part of my dislike is the expectation and how detailed parties have gotten over the years.  I remember having just my closest friends over for lots of playtime, lots of cake and ice cream and then more playtime.  It was simple and fun…and I still remember them!

BEG and BEB have shared parties because their birthdays are two weeks apart and one of these days we’ll have to separate but for now we’re still sharing.  We have decided to have a simple cookout with burgers, dogs, chips, cake and ice cream.  My Type A personality wants to add sides and lots of little extras but that defeats my purpose and plan of keeping it simple and not wearing myself out.

Okay, now let me explain my current predicament.  Our original plan was to purchase our son a Spiderman bicycle and I’m making our daughter a Waldorf-inspired doll.  I found lots of examples, kits, etc. online and finally decided that the most economical route would be to make one from a kit.  I do like to sew and be crafty but this would definitely be a new “craft” for me.  BEH was most concerned because he knows I tend to be a perfectionist and would most probably freak out that it wasn’t turning out as I had perfectly envisioned in my head.  Go figure.  Anyway, moving us back to today…the Monday before the Saturday.  The doll is completely sewn together and only lacks the embroidering of a mouth and hair and to be my first, I am quite pleased.  However, the yarn for the hair still hasn’t arrived.  I ordered it from Etsy and did not notice that it would be coming from, um, Israel.  So, we are about 3 1/2 weeks out from purchase date with no yarn in site and the order is not showing up on the USPS site.  I also must still make or find some clothes for this lovely dolly.  Based on this predicament, BEH bought BEB and BEG bicycles last night, you know, just in case!

Waiting on my hair!

So, despite my rush to finish the doll, I must press on as we have dance tonight, a visit to the assisted living home for the boys tomorrow, church on Wednesday, my new Photoshop Elements class on Thursday and a Bible study on Friday morning.  Just so you know, I’m not a big fan of being this overly booked with our family but it has, of course, worked out this way for no other reason than to make the Monday before the Saturday that much more interesting.

Enjoy your Monday before your Saturday.  I’m off to chase a newly crawling, teething, pulling up to stand infant and a playful sweet ole nearly-four-year-old…and maybe find time to work on a doll.  Blessings from the South, ya’ll.


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