Delayed, Overwhelmed, etc….

I figured that a blog would not fit into my life very well right now and it seems I was right!  Constant chaos, chores, babies, trips and stuff galore has kept me from finding the time to truly sit down and open myself up as I would like.  I also wanted to update the birthday party and doll.  So, here goes…

The birthday party went well but I did allow myself to get stressed out over small details.  It had been a week of small things not quite working out so on that particular day I simply reached a point of being overwhelmed by the time it started.  Of course, it ended up being a good time despite my own dip into the depths of crazy mom world.  The kids enjoyed their bikes and other gifts and just playing.  I know that God is in the details and should have simply let Him take care of those for me!  Live and learn, mess up, repeat!

The doll.  The hair.  The latter did not arrived until the Monday following the party.  However, I was completely okay with this somehow.  Probably because she received a bike from us and I had enough other stuff to hold onto to for the day.  So, I finished the doll that week (after the party) and the next week was Spring Break so the kids and I went to Virginia to visit family.  BEG lost BOTH her top front teeth in one day while there so I let her have the doll as her “tooth fairy” gift.  (We don’t really do the tooth fairy and she knows the truth about said issue but is smart enough to know that she wants to play the game anyway)!  She was promptly named Rose.

Waldorfian DollShe was initially wearing one of BEG’s baby dresses.  However, just a few weeks ago I made her a mermaid outfit.  (Template found here.

Mermaid outfit


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