Tulle & Tutus!

Just wanted to share a couple of cute pics of a few tutus I have recently made.  The first one is a “Shades of Blue” that I made for my daughter for Christmas.  At the time, blue was her favorite color.  I’m not sure what it is this week!  And, I wanted to share the link for the tutorial I used but I can’t find it now.  So sorry to the person I “borrowed” it from.  However, it is a super simple almost no-sew version that I have also found other locations.

This is not really tied so much as looped.  I measured her waist, decreased by 2-3 inches and sewed a 1/2″ wide piece of elastic to this measurement.  I then placed the elastic around a water pitcher (can also use your thigh or anything just slightly larger than your elastic circle) and using 18-24″ x 6″ strips of tulle, I folded them in half and placed the fold/loop end under the elastic and pulled the two ends through the loop until tight.  The tulle strips for this one were 18″.  I made the one below for a birthday party this past weekend and used 26″ strips because I was too lazy to cut the tulle.

I used light pink, shimmery pink and a few strips of shimmery silver.  Super cute.  I want to try one using ribbon instead of elastic for a friend’s 6-month-old daughter.  I’ll post if I venture there.

If you want to try making a tutu, just Google “making a no-sew tutu” and take your pick of tutorials!


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