Summer Rest…Hmmm

Is it just me or does it seem that we never slow down anymore?  We always seem to be rushing somewhere, doing something and stressing all the while.  Summer seems a bit like that already.  While many are just getting out for summer vacation this past week, my daughter has been out for about three weeks (and it seems much longer)!  I have allowed them a very lax schedule these three weeks but things are starting to feel a little out of control so I think we need some structure at this point.  They are attending a VBS this week and possibly next week.  I’m thinking we need to pick back up with our lessons, schedule some swimming days and some library time.  There, that should help!

Side note:  our cocker spaniel, Samson, has been an outside dog for nearly a year and a half and this week became a house dog – I’m having Marley & Me flashbacks!  He’s just as annoying as a lab but not quite as sweet (we previously owned a black lab that lived up to the lab description completely)!

My mother and sister will be visiting us the last week of June through July 4th.  It’s nearly an 11-hour trip so a visit is a very special treat!  We have friends visiting us the last week of July (we haven’t seen them in three years and we’ve both had babies since then – another special treat)!  And, we’d like to make a few beach trips in the meantime.

Let’s add to that that we just booked our very first Disney vacation for the second week of December so we’re very much in the planning stages of making sure we book everything we want to see and do.  AND, we have finally made the decision to homeschool for this upcoming year so I’m in the middle of final decisions on curriculum, ordering, and trying to figure out where to put all the stuff in this ever enclosing rental house.  In the midst of all this, my BEH feels the need to discuss possibly buying a home OR transferring to a new facility in another state.  Need I say just how much I don’t even want to think about that?  So, a few of these things will require their very own blogs (Disney! and homeschool, of course) but, alas, I need some rest even though I’m enjoying the quiet of the house at this very late moment.

Good night, John Boy…


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