And, thus ends another summer…

Can it really be August?  The month of July (and truly even June) seems like such a blur!  However, we were so blessed to have visits from my mom and sister (from Virginia), sweet friends from North Carolina that we had not seen in three years and friends from North Georgia who are simply like family to us.  I planned a small dinner party for BEH’s 35th birthday – cleaned the house and served a meal I had never cooked before all without getting stressed out or worrying about how it would turn out.  We have also been in negotiations for a foreclosure house for several weeks and just signed the contract last night.  Closing is not scheduled until September 26th and I could easily worry myself sick over whether or not it will work out but after these past few weeks, I have placed it entirely into the hands of my Jesus.  My life is His and I know that His plans for me are perfect according to His will.  It really is that simple if I just let it go.

AND…(drum roll)…I began homeschooling the older two brown-eyed children today!  We had a trial run a few weeks ago using the Day 1 schedule and curriculum that was a bit chaotic.  Let’s not forget that they are 4 and 6 and there’s a LBEB in the midst who is very near his first birthday.  I was quite nervous after that day but also very well aware that I had not fully prepped myself for that day and the more “homework” I do in advance the smoother each day will be.  So, today we reviewed a bit of the Day 1 stuff and also Day 2.  It actually went very well.  We still have lots to learn and many kinks to iron out.  I have to be observant enough to figure out the kids’ different learning styles and what will work best for each.  Luckily, today LBEB played independently for a long time and then took a three hour nap so blessings all around!  🙂  More to come on this topic, I am sure!

I am also considering opening an Etsy shop with some of my crafty items.  I have made several purse organizers and my NC friend asked me to make several as she feels sure the ladies that she works with would love them.  So, that may be one of my niche tests.  I may also make a few more Waldorf dolls and see how that goes.  Then, there are the tutus.  There is also a lovely little shop here in town that might be interested in a few items.  So, in my spare time (insert loud snort and laugh here) I may just attempt to whip up a few items and see how this goes.

Time to look through renovation books with BEH for the new house!  Yes, your prayers are requested.  Goodnight, all!


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