Holding On As Life Whizzes By

So, obviously I haven’t been very proficient at multi-tasking these last few months.  I just read through my most recent posts and am surprised that all the projects and trips I was preparing myself to accomplish have come and gone.  It is now December 26 and I’m looking back at another chaotic year and forward to 2012.  Want to hear how all those “projects” worked out?

The BEB children and I are nearly half-way through our first year of home schooling…and surviving each other for the most part.  There have been some very hairy days and some very fun days.  We have studied other cultures, Ancient Egypt, addition, sight words, letters, colors, fractions, time and cursive.  We have read The Boxcar Children and Charlotte’s Web as well as several other good books.  We have discovered the joyful mess of making a pinata and visiting a local zoo to see firsthand the animals we were studying for North America.  And, probably most importantly, we are learning more about each other and how to make life work together for so many hours each day.  Oh, there are days when we all long for school outside the home – when I want a break and they want some extra play buddies – but the good by far outweighs the bad.  I think one day we’ll look back and know that it was a time of growth and blessing for each of us.

Let’s see…there was the little matter of a house for which we had just signed a contract.  As I write, I am sitting in the midst of boxes from our recent move!  We closed on the house (which resembles a cabin and sits in the middle of a 16-acre wooded lot) on October 5, about a week later than scheduled, and began to remodel the following Monday.  The BEH is always thinking about resale value so, while we could have moved in immediately, we chose to stay in the rental while the remodeling was taking place.  What a good decision that turned out to be.  I cannot imagine having moved in with our three little ones and living in the middle of such a mess for nearly three months.  Yes, three months for what we thought was going to take approximately six-weeks!  And, even though we moved in nine days ago, we just had our counter tops and the stove installed today and the kitchen sink and dishwasher will have their greatly-awaited installation tomorrow.  (Please note the date and re-read the last sentence).  Ah, yes, Christmas was two days ago and we were without a stove, sink, and counter tops.  Our contractor blessed us with a smoked turkey on Christmas Eve so we used that for turkey salad, mixed it with some rice, etc.  It felt a little like we were camping every time we needed to eat!  Of all years not to visit our family in Virginia!  🙂  Honestly, I would have gone crazy if we had moved into the house house the weekend before Christmas and then left town for four days so it was for the best and we’ve had a good time.

There was also a little trip to Disney World just three weeks ago!  Who are we kidding?  No trip to Disney World is little.  My Mom came to visit on December 3 and we told the kids were we all going on a special trip so on the 7th we headed south.  They had no idea until we came to the Welcome to Disney World sign.  We had a whirlwind four days of visiting all four parks, riding lots of rides, eating good, albeit unhealthy, food and meeting lots of characters.  And, we were all exhausted by the time we made it back at 3 am on the 11th.  Lots of photos and wonderful memories.  That was our Christmas gift for the family, by the way, so Christmas morning was a little smaller than usual.  We wanted a little more focus on the true reason anyway so this provided an easy way to pull their attention from brightly decorated boxes back to the small dusty manger sweetly protecting our Savior.

Still lots to do to the house, back to home schooling next week and I’ve been struggling with sinus infections since just after we returned from Disney.  I’m off to a Nyquil-induced coma and another day of chaos at a new brown-eyed brood house!  G’night all!



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