Changes, Changes, Changes

How I do wish I could write everyday.  Heck, I wish I could write once a week!  It would make writing so much easier because there would not be so much built up.  🙂

We are quite settled into our new home.  BEG is now taking piano lessons and will turn seven-years-old next week (gasp). BEB is playing Wee Ball and had his first game on Saturday and let me just say, it was too cute.  And he turned five last week (double gasp).  LBEB is just a cute ball of trouble!  He is nearing 20-months-old and we started potty training last week.  He managed to pee pee at least once every day except yesterday so we’re making progress.  He spends most of his days naked from the waist down which brings no small measure of stress to his daddy.  He also managed to open his diaper while in his crib while it was full of poo.  By the time I found him, he had a brown nose and fingernails.  So incredibly gross but, alas, it does seem to be a huge part of motherhood!

I’ve been trying to catch up on a lot of crafty projects and am getting there.  Still trying to create a craft space for myself but the house is just not cooperating.  I’ll figure it out.  Pinterest is a great help!  I’ll post some of the completed projects as I can.

Now, as for changes.  We started making more health changes over the last year and really exercising and watching our diet the last month or two.  I’ve been working more organics into our diet…and budget.  Honestly, the whole organic movement just makes me mad.  Not because I don’t believe that it is healthier but because of the insane costs.  And so many people of “privilege” for lack of a better word, feel the need to condemn those who aren’t 100% organic without stopping to consider just how much it strains the budget to do so.  Okay, off my soapbox.  I buy what I can and pray over the rest!

We have also been taking a hard look at how we worship and celebrate our Lord.  We made some changes over the last two Christmas seasons and with Easter coming up there’s lots more to consider.  We’ve studied the origins of our American religious celebrations and find most of them to be pagan.  Now, that does not mean many do not celebrate from a completely pure motive and heart but we want to teach our children the true basics and not have them distracted by “fluff” so to speak.  So, we will be celebrating Passover this weekend.  Jesus celebrated Passover as did Paul and others following Christ’s ascension to heaven.  It’s part of our Christian heritage and our children should learn the meaning and purpose.  We will celebrate Resurrection Day but there will not be another day for them to think they are due gifts and candy and to hide and hunt eggs which have absolutely nothing to do with the celebration other than to serve as a distraction for the true meaning.  We fully realize this makes us different or even religious fanatics to some but honestly we’re the opposite of fanatical – we want to return to truth and basics.  It’s a learning process for us and we’ll just let the Lord lead.




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