My Blog is Still Here??

🙂 Well, I must say, I warned you that I was terrible at keeping up with a blog!  My last entry was over a year ago; and, quite frankly, I’m surprised I still even have an account and a page!  I read through the last two entries – moving to our new cabinish house at Christmas, first year of homeschooling…all I can say is wow!

Let’s catch up, shall we?  Just a few months after moving to that wonderfully remodeled mountain-vacation in Florida home, BEH decided he wanted to apply for a position within his company back in North Georgia where we lived prior to moving south in 2010.  After three months of intense, Nehemiah/George Muller-type prayer, he was given the position and we began planning to move AGAIN!  When I say intense prayer, I mean three months of seeking His supernatural clarity and wisdom to know that we know.  BEH had wanted to move back to North GA the day after we moved south – it was where we had hoped to “stay” so I wanted to be sure that God wanted us to move back and not just my sweet BEH.  Anyway, our God is awesome and His hand was in and on every decision we had to make.  From finding a rental to getting two spots in a Classical Conversations community near our new house to the movers having a “heart to work” and sweet friends helping us move in and get settled.  It was the easiest, quickest move we’ve ever had (and it was number eight)!

We moved in August 3, 2012 and it’s now July 11, 2013!  Whew!  We’ve loved being back “home”, we’ve loved our rental with it’s perfect homeschool room, we’ve loved being near old friends and making new ones, we’ve grown to love our new church and the relationships we are building there, we love our CC community and how it has enriched our homeschool experience.  Now, I say that but the first few months were kinda hard for me at the new church.  I’m an introvert at heart and could easily be a hermit so jumping right in with groups of women is not easy for me – even after all these moves.  Luckily, several CC families attend our church and I attended a wonderful women’s conference in January of this year that helped set my heart right.

So, that all sounds blissfully wonderful, right?!  🙂  I know.  Well, the fun is over and the rollercoaster must continue.  The owner of our rental home needs to sell it.  We made an offer but he wants considerably more than we want to pay (again, we’re thinking resell and with some of the work that needs to be done we simply can’t pay his price, fix those things and resell it and, honestly, even think we’ll break even).  This means it is currently on the market and being shown.  No small measure of stress with three little people who can make a disaster area appear in three seconds flat!  We’ve been looking and looking at homes for sale as well as rentals but we live in an affluent area and don’t like most of the larger, cookie-cutter type homes.  And, the older homes all need work but because of the great schools and affluence, they’re still a little pricey or just on a tiny lot.  Honestly, the FL house fit our natures perfectly and we’re just not finding that here!  We did find a two bedroom on 15 wooded acres and made a low offer because we would have to add on to the home and it was, of course, turned down.  We’re also considering building a small home on some land that we have found for a great price.  Only problem is, it’s a large tract of land and the owners don’t want to sell a small tract!   And, then there’s BEH returning from a mission trip to Guatemala.  These trips always remind us of our spoiled, American lifestyles and how we chase the American dream at every turn.  So, maybe we’ll end up living in a hut somewhere!  🙂  We’re simply praying and waiting at this point.  God will direct and provide in His time, not ours. 

This is getting long so I’ll wind it up for tonight.  We’re about to start year three of homeschooling.  It has been a blessing but it is not without its own sacrifices and hardships.  My BEG is a toughy – disliking anything school-related.  She was like this when she attended public school Kindergarten.  Sight words made us need therapy after a study session!  She is just not a motivated child, which makes it my job to find a way to motivate her.  Quite frankly, I am at a loss but praying through.  I have considered sending her to school but that just means she will fight with her brothers when she gets home because she’ll be tired and we’ll have to stress and call on the Holy Spirit to give us every measure of self-control to get her homework finished each night.  So, I feel it’s better for her to have the creative playtime with her brothers that she now enjoys and we get through all that school stress during the day so we can enjoy our evenings with Daddy!  Like I said, praying through.

BEB is now a six-year-old sweetheart (when he wants to be) and LBEB is about to be three in a few weeks.  Seems like he’s been potty trained forever – by far my easiest.  We still have a few slip-ups but potty life is good.  Are all third children more independent and just seem way too smart?  He’s a cutie and we all spoil him rotten.

It was great to catch up!  Blessings to you all!


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