…Nine Months Later

I do so have to laugh at myself when it comes to this blog! I’m just terrible…as in totally stink at keeping up with this thing. I would love to write daily and, believe me, there’s plenty to write about, but I just can’t neglect children, husband and life for even a few minutes and feel good about it. I am one of those women who struggle to take time for myself because I know there’s always something else I should be doing.

I digress. After reading the last two posts, the latter being nearly a year ago, it just seems to be calling me to update. So, here goes:

I shared that our rental home was for sale and our offer had been turned down (as well as all other offers we had made on any house or land at that point). The house ended up with a contract in August so we quickly found another rental and moved again on Labor Day weekend (2013). We had just started our third year of home school a few weeks before this so we took a week and a half off to get settled and then jumped back into life with both feet.

I tried to be a good steward of all our junk and began going through and getting rid of some things. This included the crib, mattress and sheets to some folks in need as well as an assortment of other baby items to a friend who had just had baby #4. And, on the first Sunday in October, I looked at the little pink lines in complete astonishment (well, as astonished as you can be when you haven’t been trying to prevent such things)! God is just so comical at times! We’d been moving that baby stuff around for several years and literally a month after giving it away, we discover that WE NEED IT! But, God in His sovereignty, met the needs of those we provided a crib for and is continuing to meet our needs as well. So, to do a quick catch-up…at this point, I am 30 weeks along tomorrow and we decided for the first time to not find out the gender. I’m a little OCD so this is hard at times but will be such a sweet moment on delivery day. Due June 19!

Now, a little catch-up on the house situation as well. If you recall from a previous post, we had made an offer on a two-bedroom house on 15.5 acres that was turned down. This house did not sell so after much frustration with the house-hunt, we decided to make the same offer again. The people were now listing it as for sale by owner but because our first offer was made through their agent we still had to proceed with said agent. Anyway, the owner apparently didn’t want to deal with this agent (we had not heard good things about him) and after our offer he contacted our agent personally. After a few negotiations, we settled on an amount and in January bought ourselves a little house in the woods. Yes, this will be Brown Eyed Baby #4 so a two bedroom for six people is a bit tight! We are currently in the process of adding a family room, master bedroom and a bedroom for the boys. We’re also making a few changes to the kitchen, and have stripped the floors and restained them to match the new part of the house. We’re hoping to be moved in no later than the middle of May. Oh, did I mention that this current rental is also for sale and we’ve had to show it since March 1? I could seriously pull my hair every time I see the agent’s name pop up on my phone!

I. Am. Tired. Just sayin’. I have moved at 6-weeks pregnant without knowing I was with child and with a 16-month-old, moved at 14ish-weeks pregnant with an 18-month-old, moved at 10-weeks pregnant with three and five-year-olds and am now trying to help my BEH with the remodel/addition, clean and show this house, start sorting and packing and will do the final move while 35 or 36-weeks pregnant. I will take the first and second trimester moves any day over a third. We have moved a lot so there are certain things I like to do and I am very much a DIYer so there’s a ton I want to paint and do at the new house before moving in, but I am just physically unable to do a lot of it. I have bought some zero-VOC paint to do a few painting jobs (all will be outside except one and with a mask) so it’s not a total loss but God is certainly teaching this OCD, ADD, push-till-you-can’t-move girl to rest, ask for help and have some patience.

Let’s see…did I miss anything? I’m still doing Trim Healthy Mama, albeit somewhat loosely while pregnant. My BEG is going to be nine this Friday, BEB #1 just turned seven two weeks ago and BEB #2 is a fiery, sweet, still-blonde 3 1/2-year-old who keeps us all busy. School still has it’s ups and downs but we’re adjusting and working through this current chaos. We will start the next year in a new house with a two-month-old so lots more chaos in store. But, you know what, God is my strength so bring it on!

Blessings to you all. I’ll catch up all the other stuff one of these days!


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