Where to begin???  Christ-follower, wife to a wonderful brown-eyed husband for nearly 11 years (plus 5 years of dating), and mom to three brown-eyed beauties – one girl and two boys, ages 6, 4, and 9 months, respectively.  Currently living in the very hot deep south with lots of gnats and mosquitoes but originally from the mountains of southwest Virginia.  My hubby and I have also lived in the mountains of North Carolina as well as near the eastern coast of NC, then on to northern GA before settling here for now.  We seem to move every three years – three job changes, but two of those were due to facility closures.  Gotta love this economy.  I have told my brown-eyed hubby (BEH) that I wish I knew whether or not God was using us as southeastern US missionaries so at least I would be prepared to move every third year!  I worked full-time until my daughter (BEG) was 8-months-old, when I took a part-time, work-from-home position.  That lasted nearly three years before the economy forced a layoff that unfortunately included me!  My BEH lost his job four months later so I worked two part-time jobs for nine months while he was at home with two little ones.  Just before our move here for his job, we found out that our third brown-eyed beauty was on the way so we decided that it was time for me to just focus on the babies for a while.  It has been nearly a year and a half of fun, laughter, tears and meltdowns (for them and me) and we recently decided to try homeschooling this fall!  Go Team Chaos!

Lets see…how about some fun facts!  I do have very dark brown eyes, brown curly hair, I had blond hair as a small child and looked like Shirley Temple with those curls!  I am relatively quiet until I get to know people really well and then I can be a little too loud and opinionated.  I don’t cry much.  I stress over the little things, not the big ones.  I did not want children as a teenager and young adult (this is where God’s humor comes in).  I hate math.  I now hate gnats with a passion!  I LOVE Mello Yello and have since high school.  I seem to be OCD with a lot of ADD thrown in for good measure – I have to do something but in the middle I see something else that I have to do and get sidetracked.  Know what I mean?  I like to be crafty and make stuff for me, the kids and others but I’m not really artsy.  Meaning I usually don’t just think up awesome ideas but I love to “borrow” others’ ideas and make them happen for me.  My favorite book as a pre-teen and teenager was Little Women.  I love girly movies but also enjoy action flicks with my BEH.  I make homemade laundry detergent and baby wipes.  I try to eat healthy but I haven’t yet made “organic and all natural” stuff a minute-by-minute priority as many have these days.  It just takes too much mental energy.  I’m a work in progress – what can I say?!

So, this is me.  Not perfect but striving to be better each day at glorifying God and serving others and training up my little ones to do the same.


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