…Nine Months Later

I do so have to laugh at myself when it comes to this blog! I’m just terrible…as in totally stink at keeping up with this thing. I would love to write daily and, believe me, there’s plenty to write about, but I just can’t neglect children, husband and life for even a few minutes and feel good about it. I am one of those women who struggle to take time for myself because I know there’s always something else I should be doing.

I digress. After reading the last two posts, the latter being nearly a year ago, it just seems to be calling me to update. So, here goes:

I shared that our rental home was for sale and our offer had been turned down (as well as all other offers we had made on any house or land at that point). The house ended up with a contract in August so we quickly found another rental and moved again on Labor Day weekend (2013). We had just started our third year of home school a few weeks before this so we took a week and a half off to get settled and then jumped back into life with both feet.

I tried to be a good steward of all our junk and began going through and getting rid of some things. This included the crib, mattress and sheets to some folks in need as well as an assortment of other baby items to a friend who had just had baby #4. And, on the first Sunday in October, I looked at the little pink lines in complete astonishment (well, as astonished as you can be when you haven’t been trying to prevent such things)! God is just so comical at times! We’d been moving that baby stuff around for several years and literally a month after giving it away, we discover that WE NEED IT! But, God in His sovereignty, met the needs of those we provided a crib for and is continuing to meet our needs as well. So, to do a quick catch-up…at this point, I am 30 weeks along tomorrow and we decided for the first time to not find out the gender. I’m a little OCD so this is hard at times but will be such a sweet moment on delivery day. Due June 19!

Now, a little catch-up on the house situation as well. If you recall from a previous post, we had made an offer on a two-bedroom house on 15.5 acres that was turned down. This house did not sell so after much frustration with the house-hunt, we decided to make the same offer again. The people were now listing it as for sale by owner but because our first offer was made through their agent we still had to proceed with said agent. Anyway, the owner apparently didn’t want to deal with this agent (we had not heard good things about him) and after our offer he contacted our agent personally. After a few negotiations, we settled on an amount and in January bought ourselves a little house in the woods. Yes, this will be Brown Eyed Baby #4 so a two bedroom for six people is a bit tight! We are currently in the process of adding a family room, master bedroom and a bedroom for the boys. We’re also making a few changes to the kitchen, and have stripped the floors and restained them to match the new part of the house. We’re hoping to be moved in no later than the middle of May. Oh, did I mention that this current rental is also for sale and we’ve had to show it since March 1? I could seriously pull my hair every time I see the agent’s name pop up on my phone!

I. Am. Tired. Just sayin’. I have moved at 6-weeks pregnant without knowing I was with child and with a 16-month-old, moved at 14ish-weeks pregnant with an 18-month-old, moved at 10-weeks pregnant with three and five-year-olds and am now trying to help my BEH with the remodel/addition, clean and show this house, start sorting and packing and will do the final move while 35 or 36-weeks pregnant. I will take the first and second trimester moves any day over a third. We have moved a lot so there are certain things I like to do and I am very much a DIYer so there’s a ton I want to paint and do at the new house before moving in, but I am just physically unable to do a lot of it. I have bought some zero-VOC paint to do a few painting jobs (all will be outside except one and with a mask) so it’s not a total loss but God is certainly teaching this OCD, ADD, push-till-you-can’t-move girl to rest, ask for help and have some patience.

Let’s see…did I miss anything? I’m still doing Trim Healthy Mama, albeit somewhat loosely while pregnant. My BEG is going to be nine this Friday, BEB #1 just turned seven two weeks ago and BEB #2 is a fiery, sweet, still-blonde 3 1/2-year-old who keeps us all busy. School still has it’s ups and downs but we’re adjusting and working through this current chaos. We will start the next year in a new house with a two-month-old so lots more chaos in store. But, you know what, God is my strength so bring it on!

Blessings to you all. I’ll catch up all the other stuff one of these days!


A Trim Healthy Mama Yummo!

I had so much to catch up on with yesterday’s post that I didn’t go into anything relating to food! So, as a quick recap: moving meant trying to eat healthy but some days just eating whatever was quick and easy. I went to a new doctor in January just for a physical (and to ask some PMS questions…TMI?). My weight was at a point that it has never been unless I was pregnant. I don’t know why I was so surprised – my clothes were showing the changes very clearly. Anyway, we had attempted the Insanity program a few times but vacations and life had helped us make quick and easy detours. BEH and I started again and finished but I still didn’t see the results that I should have – because I had not made all the appropriate changes in the kitchen. Let me also clarify that I am not nor have I ever been very large. I am 5’2″ and have been blessed with a high metabolism most of my life so for those who know me, you can put the rocks down now! Simply put, I’ve had three kids and I’m short with a small frame. Every change shows!

Near the end of the Insanity nine weeks a friend posted that she needed to lose a lot of weight and was going to start the Paleo diet/lifestyle. I read up on this and thought I should try it as well because grains seem to always bloat me. So, I did it pretty hardcore for six weeks and definitely noticed a change in my body. However, for long-term purposes, I didn’t like the strictness of the plan nor the thought of completely excluding natural foods. A little more research led me to Trim Healthy Mama. I’ve been trying it out for a month or so and really like the science behind the plan and that it is more “user-friendly”. I’m still not 100% because I’m just not good like that but again, I.am.a.work.in.progress!

Following Insanity, BEH and I began Chalean Extreme and I love it! It’s strength training with a little cardio thrown in for good measure. Fits me soooo much better. So, long story long, I had another appointment at the same doctor today and the same digital scale smiled a 12-pound loss back at me. Back at normal goal weight and very pleased with the changes.

Tonight I made the THM Fooled Ya Pizza. The crust is made out of cauliflower. It freaks my daughter out. She’s eight and hates all cooked veggies – loves them raw. The BEBs will eat it but not as well as regular pizza. BEH and I love it! Well, tonight we love it even more. Normally, I do a turkey pepperoni version with some veggies. I decided to try a buffalo chicken version with blue cheese dressing. This laptop is having some issues lately and was very slow so I couldn’t find a recipe for the pizza but how hard could it be, right? I did find a recipe for blue cheese dressing here. I made the crust following the recipe (page 276 in the book), spread on my homemade blue cheese dressing (after letting it sit in the fridge for a few hours), added just a tiny bit of some Ranch dressing, and my shredded chicken tossed in butter and Frank’s hot sauce. I also added a few thin slices of onions before topping with mozzarella. We love wings so this was divine. DIVINE, I tell ya! We ate it so quickly that I didn’t think to take a picture of the whole pizza. Here’s what was left:


Needless to say, our bellies are full and we’re quite satisfied.  Hope you had an equally blessed evening!

My Blog is Still Here??

ūüôā Well, I must say, I warned you that I was terrible at keeping up with a blog!¬† My last entry was over a year ago; and, quite frankly, I’m surprised I still even have an account and a page!¬† I read through the last two entries – moving to our new cabinish house at Christmas, first year of homeschooling…all I can say is wow!

Let’s catch up, shall we?¬† Just a few months after moving to that wonderfully remodeled mountain-vacation in Florida home, BEH decided he wanted to apply for a position within his company back in North Georgia where we lived prior to moving south in 2010.¬† After three months of intense, Nehemiah/George Muller-type prayer, he was given the position and we began planning to move AGAIN!¬† When I say intense prayer, I mean three months of seeking His supernatural clarity and wisdom to know that we know.¬† BEH had wanted to move back to North GA the day after we moved south – it was where we had hoped to “stay” so I wanted to be sure that God wanted us to move back and not just my sweet BEH.¬† Anyway, our God is awesome and His hand was in and on every decision we had to make.¬† From finding a rental to getting two spots in a Classical Conversations community near our new house to the movers having a “heart to work” and sweet friends helping us move in and get settled.¬† It was the easiest, quickest move we’ve ever had (and it was number eight)!

We moved in August 3, 2012 and it’s now July 11, 2013!¬† Whew!¬† We’ve loved being back “home”, we’ve loved our rental with it’s perfect homeschool room, we’ve loved being near old friends and making new ones, we’ve grown to love our new church and the relationships we are building there, we love our CC community and how it has enriched our homeschool experience.¬† Now, I say that but the first few months were kinda hard for me at the new church.¬† I’m an introvert at heart and could easily be a hermit so jumping right in with groups of women is not easy for me – even after all these moves.¬† Luckily, several CC families attend our church and I attended a wonderful women’s conference in January of this year that helped set my heart right.

So, that all sounds blissfully wonderful, right?!¬† ūüôā¬† I know.¬† Well, the fun is over and the rollercoaster must continue.¬† The owner of our rental home needs to sell it.¬† We made an offer but he wants considerably more than we want to pay (again, we’re thinking resell and with some of the work that needs to be done we simply can’t pay his price, fix those things and resell it and, honestly, even think we’ll break even).¬† This means it is currently on the market and being shown.¬† No small measure of stress with three little people who can make a disaster area appear in three seconds flat!¬† We’ve been looking and looking at homes for sale as well as rentals but we live in an affluent area and don’t like most of the larger, cookie-cutter type homes.¬† And, the older homes all need work but because of the great schools and affluence, they’re still a little pricey or just on a tiny lot.¬† Honestly, the FL house fit our natures perfectly and we’re just not finding that here!¬† We did find a two bedroom on 15 wooded acres and made a low offer because we would have to add on to the home and it was, of course, turned down.¬† We’re also considering building a small home on some land that we have found for a great price.¬† Only problem is, it’s a large tract of land and the owners don’t want to sell a small tract!¬†¬† And, then there’s BEH returning from a mission trip to Guatemala.¬† These trips always remind us of our spoiled, American lifestyles and how we chase the American dream at every turn.¬† So, maybe we’ll end up living in a hut somewhere!¬† ūüôā¬† We’re simply praying and waiting at this point.¬† God will direct and provide in His time, not ours.¬†

This is getting long so I’ll wind it up for tonight.¬† We’re about to start year three of homeschooling.¬† It has been a blessing but it is not without its own sacrifices and hardships.¬† My BEG is a toughy¬†– disliking anything school-related.¬† She was like this when she attended public school Kindergarten.¬† Sight words made us need therapy after a study session!¬† She is just not a motivated child, which makes it my job to find a way to motivate her.¬† Quite frankly, I am at a loss but praying through.¬† I have considered sending her to school but that just means she will fight with her brothers when she gets home because she’ll be tired and we’ll have to stress and call on the Holy Spirit to give us every measure of self-control to get her homework finished each night.¬† So, I feel it’s better for her to have the creative playtime with her brothers that she now enjoys and we get through all that school stress during the day so we can enjoy our evenings with Daddy!¬† Like I said, praying through.

BEB is now a six-year-old sweetheart (when he wants to be) and LBEB is about to be three in a few weeks.¬† Seems like he’s been potty trained forever – by far my easiest.¬† We still have a few slip-ups but potty life is good.¬† Are all third children more independent and just seem way too smart?¬† He’s a cutie and we all spoil him rotten.

It was great to catch up!  Blessings to you all!

Changes, Changes, Changes

How I do wish I could write everyday. ¬†Heck, I wish I could write once a week! ¬†It would make writing so much easier because there would not be so much built up. ¬†ūüôā

We are quite settled into our new home. ¬†BEG is now taking piano lessons and will turn seven-years-old next week (gasp). BEB is playing Wee Ball and had his first game on Saturday and let me just say, it was too cute. ¬†And he turned five last week (double gasp). ¬†LBEB is just a cute ball of trouble! ¬†He is nearing 20-months-old and we started potty training last week. ¬†He managed to pee pee at least once every day except yesterday so we’re making progress. ¬†He spends most of his days naked from the waist down which brings no small measure of stress to his daddy. ¬†He also managed to open his diaper while in his crib while it was full of poo. ¬†By the time I found him, he had a brown nose and fingernails. ¬†So incredibly gross but, alas, it does seem to be a huge part of motherhood!

I’ve been trying to catch up on a lot of crafty projects and am getting there. ¬†Still trying to create a craft space for myself but the house is just not cooperating. ¬†I’ll figure it out. ¬†Pinterest is a great help! ¬†I’ll post some of the completed projects as I can.

Now, as for changes. ¬†We started making more health changes over the last year and really exercising and watching our diet the last month or two. ¬†I’ve been working more organics into our diet…and budget. ¬†Honestly, the whole organic movement just makes me mad. ¬†Not because I don’t believe that it is healthier but because of the insane costs. ¬†And so many people of “privilege” for lack of a better word, feel the need to condemn those who aren’t 100% organic without stopping to consider just how much it strains the budget to do so. ¬†Okay, off my soapbox. ¬†I buy what I can and pray over the rest!

We have also been taking a hard look at how we worship and celebrate our Lord. ¬†We made some changes over the last two Christmas seasons and with Easter coming up there’s lots more to consider. ¬†We’ve studied the origins of our American religious celebrations and find most of them to be pagan. ¬†Now, that does not mean many do not celebrate from a completely pure motive and heart but we want to teach our children the true basics and not have them distracted by “fluff” so to speak. ¬†So, we will be celebrating Passover this weekend. ¬†Jesus celebrated Passover as did Paul and others following Christ’s ascension to heaven. ¬†It’s part of our Christian heritage and our children should learn the meaning and purpose. ¬†We will celebrate¬†Resurrection¬†Day but there will not be another day for them to think they are due gifts and candy and to hide and hunt eggs which have absolutely nothing to do with the celebration other than to serve as a distraction for the true meaning. ¬†We fully realize this makes us different or even religious fanatics to some but honestly we’re the opposite of fanatical – we want to return to truth and basics. ¬†It’s a learning process for us and we’ll just let the Lord lead.



Holding On As Life Whizzes By

So, obviously I haven’t been very proficient at multi-tasking these last few months. ¬†I just read through my most recent posts and am surprised that all the projects and trips I was preparing myself to accomplish have come and gone. ¬†It is now December 26 and I’m looking back at another chaotic year and forward to 2012. ¬†Want to hear how all those “projects” worked out?

The BEB children and I are nearly half-way through our first year of home schooling…and surviving each other for the most part. ¬†There have been some very hairy days and some very fun days. ¬†We have studied other cultures, Ancient Egypt, addition, sight words, letters, colors, fractions, time and cursive. ¬†We have read The Boxcar Children and Charlotte’s Web as well as several other good books. ¬†We have discovered the joyful mess of making a pinata and visiting a local zoo to see firsthand the animals we were studying for North America. ¬†And, probably most importantly, we are learning more about each other and how to make life work together for so many hours each day. ¬†Oh, there are days when we all long for school outside the home – when I want a break and they want some extra play buddies – but the good by far outweighs the bad. ¬†I think one day we’ll look back and know that it was a time of growth and blessing for each of us.

Let’s see…there was the little matter of a house for which we had just signed a contract. ¬†As I write, I am sitting in the midst of boxes from our recent move! ¬†We closed on the house (which resembles a cabin and sits in the middle of a 16-acre wooded lot) on October 5, about a week later than scheduled, and began to remodel the following Monday. ¬†The BEH is always thinking about resale value so, while we could have moved in immediately, we chose to stay in the rental while the remodeling was taking place. ¬†What a good decision that turned out to be. ¬†I cannot imagine having moved in with our three little ones and living in the middle of such a mess for nearly three months. ¬†Yes, three months for what we thought was going to take approximately six-weeks! ¬†And, even though we moved in nine days ago, we just had our counter tops and the stove installed today and the kitchen sink and dishwasher will have their greatly-awaited installation tomorrow. ¬†(Please note the date and re-read the last sentence). ¬†Ah, yes, Christmas was two days ago and we were without a stove, sink, and counter tops. ¬†Our contractor blessed us with a smoked turkey on Christmas Eve so we used that for turkey salad, mixed it with some rice, etc. ¬†It felt a little like we were camping every time we needed to eat! ¬†Of all years not to visit our family in Virginia! ¬†ūüôā ¬†Honestly, I would have gone crazy if we had moved into the house house the weekend before Christmas and then left town for four days so it was for the best and we’ve had a good time.

There was also a little trip to Disney World just three weeks ago!  Who are we kidding?  No trip to Disney World is little.  My Mom came to visit on December 3 and we told the kids were we all going on a special trip so on the 7th we headed south.  They had no idea until we came to the Welcome to Disney World sign.  We had a whirlwind four days of visiting all four parks, riding lots of rides, eating good, albeit unhealthy, food and meeting lots of characters.  And, we were all exhausted by the time we made it back at 3 am on the 11th.  Lots of photos and wonderful memories.  That was our Christmas gift for the family, by the way, so Christmas morning was a little smaller than usual.  We wanted a little more focus on the true reason anyway so this provided an easy way to pull their attention from brightly decorated boxes back to the small dusty manger sweetly protecting our Savior.

Still lots to do to the house, back to home schooling next week and I’ve been struggling with sinus infections since just after we returned from Disney. ¬†I’m off to a Nyquil-induced coma and another day of chaos at a new brown-eyed brood house! ¬†G’night all!


Timely Encouragement

As the days tick quickly away and draw me ever closer to another birthday, I am noticing that I’m starting to feel my age. ¬†Once upon a time, feeling my age wasn’t so terrible because I was young¬†and felt energetic¬†but this celebration of my birth is for thirty (plus five) years. ¬†And, well, I’m feeling every one of them. ¬†I’m tired, my hips are suddenly aching and I just don’t have any extra energy to keep up with the eternally-hyper brown-eyed brood that reside with me.

Also, lately I have allowed myself a great many pity parties. ¬†I get down, get discouraged and just wallow. ¬†Some days I even do a little dunking. ¬†I have allowed the enemy to taunt me with my “failures”; to tempt me into agreeing. ¬†When I am too tired to spend extra time playing with the children or for a good week and a half each month when I’m a little “extra cranky” and I am snappy or even yell at the children for something they’ve done, I hear the faint whispers. ¬†Oh, they start out faint but pretty soon they’re echoing in my head: ¬†“What kind of mother are you?”, “Some Christian you are”, “Your children are going to remember you as the crazy mom”, “Your children deserve better”. ¬†And, so I listen and then I agree. ¬†And, suddenly I’m face down in the pit. ¬†The pit of despair, the pit of failure, the pit of self-loathing. ¬†And then, then I hear the faint laughter. ¬†He has won again.

Or so he thinks.

Because my enemy has an enemy who just happens to be my Father. ¬†From the bottom of that pit I cry out – sometimes in anger because I want so desperately to stop this cycle and I feel I’m missing some great detail that will change me, sometimes I simply cry out for help and He gently lifts me back up and hands me a book. ¬†This book¬†is used to dust myself off and begin again. ¬†And, I love how He likes to slip in bits of encouragement when I’m not even looking for it. ¬†Several times over the last few months, I have received email devotionals that I felt were written completely for me. ¬†Two of these were especially meaningful: ¬†Getting Up Again and When Good Isn’t Always Best. ¬†They were both timely moments of encouragement that helped me to see that I am not alone in this role as a Christ-follower, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend.

For me, I think the answer lies in “taming the tongue”, “being slow to speak and slow to anger” and finding self-control in moments of exhaustion and stress. ¬†But, it could also be that there is something my Heavenly Father is trying to show me but I’m just so busy trying to fix myself that I’m not listening closely enough and must endure the lesson again. ¬†I am a work-in-progress indeed but I know the One who formed me with His very hands, who knew me before I was conceived and who has a plan and a purpose for my¬†life. ¬†And, sweeter still, that book I use for dusting tells me that I can be confident of this: ¬†He who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ. (Phil. 1:6)

So, as this birthday creeps closer and my body aches and I have days of uncertainty, I am ever thankful and blessed that I have hope, strength and…my dusting book.

Blessings to you tonight.

And, thus ends another summer…

Can it really be August? ¬†The month of July (and truly even June) seems like such a blur! ¬†However, we were so blessed to have visits from my mom and sister (from Virginia), sweet friends from North Carolina that we had not seen in three years and friends from North Georgia who are simply like family to us. ¬†I planned a small dinner party for BEH’s 35th birthday – cleaned the house and served a meal I had never cooked before all without getting stressed out or worrying about how it would turn out. ¬†We have also been in negotiations for a foreclosure house for several weeks and just signed the contract last night. ¬†Closing is not scheduled until September 26th and I could easily worry myself sick over whether or not it will work out but after these past few weeks, I have placed it entirely into the hands of my Jesus. ¬†My life is His and I know that His plans for me are perfect according to His will. ¬†It really is that simple if I just let it go.

AND…(drum roll)…I began homeschooling the older two brown-eyed children today! ¬†We had a trial run a few weeks ago using the Day 1 schedule and curriculum that was a bit chaotic. ¬†Let’s not forget that they are 4 and 6 and there’s a LBEB in the midst who is very near his first birthday. ¬†I was quite nervous after that day but also very well aware that I had not fully prepped myself for that day and the more “homework” I do in advance the smoother each day will be. ¬†So, today we reviewed a bit of the Day 1 stuff and also Day 2. ¬†It actually went very well. ¬†We still have lots to learn and many kinks to iron out. ¬†I have to be observant enough to figure out the kids’ different learning styles and what will work best for each. ¬†Luckily, today LBEB played independently for a long time and then took a three hour nap so blessings all around! ¬†ūüôā ¬†More to come on this topic, I am sure!

I am also considering opening an Etsy shop with some of my crafty items.  I have made several purse organizers and my NC friend asked me to make several as she feels sure the ladies that she works with would love them.  So, that may be one of my niche tests.  I may also make a few more Waldorf dolls and see how that goes.  Then, there are the tutus.  There is also a lovely little shop here in town that might be interested in a few items.  So, in my spare time (insert loud snort and laugh here) I may just attempt to whip up a few items and see how this goes.

Time to look through renovation books with BEH for the new house!  Yes, your prayers are requested.  Goodnight, all!

Summer Rest…Hmmm

Is it just me or does it seem that we never slow down anymore? ¬†We always seem to be rushing somewhere, doing something and stressing all the while. ¬†Summer seems a bit like that already. ¬†While many are just getting out for summer vacation this past week, my daughter has been out for about three weeks (and it seems much longer)! ¬†I have allowed them a very lax schedule these three weeks but things are starting to feel a little out of control so I think we need some structure at this point. ¬†They are attending a VBS this week and possibly next week. ¬†I’m thinking we need to pick back up with our lessons, schedule some swimming days and some library time. ¬†There, that should help!

Side note: ¬†our cocker spaniel, Samson, has been an outside dog for nearly a year and a half and this week became a house dog – I’m having Marley & Me¬†flashbacks! ¬†He’s just as annoying as a lab but not quite as sweet (we previously owned a black lab that lived up to the lab description completely)!

My mother and sister will be visiting us the last week of June through July 4th. ¬†It’s nearly an 11-hour trip so a visit is a very special treat! ¬†We have friends visiting us the last week of July (we haven’t seen them in three years and we’ve both had babies since then – another special treat)! ¬†And, we’d like to make a few beach trips in the meantime.

Let’s add to that that we just booked our very first Disney vacation for the second week of December so we’re very much in the planning stages of making sure we book everything we want to see and do. ¬†AND, we have finally made the decision to homeschool for this upcoming year so I’m in the middle of final decisions on curriculum, ordering, and trying to figure out where to put all the stuff in this ever enclosing rental house. ¬†In the midst of all this, my BEH feels the need to discuss possibly buying a home OR transferring to a new facility in another state. ¬†Need I say just how much I don’t even want to think about that? ¬†So, a few of these things will require their very own blogs (Disney! and homeschool, of course) but, alas, I need some rest even though I’m enjoying the quiet of the house at this very late moment.

Good night, John Boy…

Making Girlie Hair-bows

Another new-found favorite craft is the making of bows for my daughter’s hair. ¬†She is six but still likes to dress up and then some. ¬†In fact, I believe she is very likely related to Punky Brewster!

I found this tutorial at another favorite site, Southern Plate, which is actually primarily a food site. ¬†Here is a pic of some of the bows we’ve made using her method.

The big Nellie Olsen one on the right was her Happy Birthday bow that was so heavy it kept falling out of her hair! ¬†However, she does have very thin hair. ¬†Hope to make more soon. ¬†Gotten behind on some of our crafting lately. ¬†But it’s so hot here now that most of our activities have to be indoors so hopefully we’ll get back to crafting within the next few weeks. ¬†And, now I must rest…

Super Simple Summer Dress Tutorial

I found this awesome tutorial for a Super Simple Summer Dress and just had to try it. ¬†Luckily, my children had friends over to occupy them so I could focus and actually finish it in the same day I started! ¬†That is accomplishment in itself! ¬†ūüôā

It’s a little big on BEG but that just means she can wear it for two years. ¬†It’s also not quite as ruffled as I would have liked but I don’t think I adequately measured the bottom of the shirt (so my bad). ¬†But, overall, for a novice seamstress, I like it! ¬†Oh, and the best part is that the shirt was given to us by a friend and the two layers of Princess and the Frog fabric were some pieces that I had purchased on sale last summer so no money spent. ¬†Always a plus! ¬†Happy sewing!

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