Be Frugal

I’m very frugal and my BEH is just cheap so together we make quite a combination!  I have always tried to be a good steward of my money and possessions – mostly because there wasn’t much money growing up and also because as I get older, I realize how wasteful we are in our comfortable western culture.  I’m always looking for a deal, a better way to save and/or a way to do it myself.  Sometimes this is difficult with a busy family of five (some days it’s just much easier to take the easier, quicker, have-it-your-way route) but like I said on the About page – I’m a work in progress!

When my husband and I both faced unemployment, I began making laundry detergent and baby wipes.  We no longer have to do this as my BEH was blessed with a well-paying job following his unemployment, but now that I know I can make these things, why stop?  Tomorrow is never certain.

Join me as I learn more each day about shepherding my flock the frugal way and please feel free to share your tips as well.


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