Making Girlie Hair-bows

Another new-found favorite craft is the making of bows for my daughter’s hair.  She is six but still likes to dress up and then some.  In fact, I believe she is very likely related to Punky Brewster!

I found this tutorial at another favorite site, Southern Plate, which is actually primarily a food site.  Here is a pic of some of the bows we’ve made using her method.

The big Nellie Olsen one on the right was her Happy Birthday bow that was so heavy it kept falling out of her hair!  However, she does have very thin hair.  Hope to make more soon.  Gotten behind on some of our crafting lately.  But it’s so hot here now that most of our activities have to be indoors so hopefully we’ll get back to crafting within the next few weeks.  And, now I must rest…


Super Simple Summer Dress Tutorial

I found this awesome tutorial for a Super Simple Summer Dress and just had to try it.  Luckily, my children had friends over to occupy them so I could focus and actually finish it in the same day I started!  That is accomplishment in itself!  🙂

It’s a little big on BEG but that just means she can wear it for two years.  It’s also not quite as ruffled as I would have liked but I don’t think I adequately measured the bottom of the shirt (so my bad).  But, overall, for a novice seamstress, I like it!  Oh, and the best part is that the shirt was given to us by a friend and the two layers of Princess and the Frog fabric were some pieces that I had purchased on sale last summer so no money spent.  Always a plus!  Happy sewing!

Tulle & Tutus!

Just wanted to share a couple of cute pics of a few tutus I have recently made.  The first one is a “Shades of Blue” that I made for my daughter for Christmas.  At the time, blue was her favorite color.  I’m not sure what it is this week!  And, I wanted to share the link for the tutorial I used but I can’t find it now.  So sorry to the person I “borrowed” it from.  However, it is a super simple almost no-sew version that I have also found other locations.

This is not really tied so much as looped.  I measured her waist, decreased by 2-3 inches and sewed a 1/2″ wide piece of elastic to this measurement.  I then placed the elastic around a water pitcher (can also use your thigh or anything just slightly larger than your elastic circle) and using 18-24″ x 6″ strips of tulle, I folded them in half and placed the fold/loop end under the elastic and pulled the two ends through the loop until tight.  The tulle strips for this one were 18″.  I made the one below for a birthday party this past weekend and used 26″ strips because I was too lazy to cut the tulle.

I used light pink, shimmery pink and a few strips of shimmery silver.  Super cute.  I want to try one using ribbon instead of elastic for a friend’s 6-month-old daughter.  I’ll post if I venture there.

If you want to try making a tutu, just Google “making a no-sew tutu” and take your pick of tutorials!

Delayed, Overwhelmed, etc….

I figured that a blog would not fit into my life very well right now and it seems I was right!  Constant chaos, chores, babies, trips and stuff galore has kept me from finding the time to truly sit down and open myself up as I would like.  I also wanted to update the birthday party and doll.  So, here goes…

The birthday party went well but I did allow myself to get stressed out over small details.  It had been a week of small things not quite working out so on that particular day I simply reached a point of being overwhelmed by the time it started.  Of course, it ended up being a good time despite my own dip into the depths of crazy mom world.  The kids enjoyed their bikes and other gifts and just playing.  I know that God is in the details and should have simply let Him take care of those for me!  Live and learn, mess up, repeat!

The doll.  The hair.  The latter did not arrived until the Monday following the party.  However, I was completely okay with this somehow.  Probably because she received a bike from us and I had enough other stuff to hold onto to for the day.  So, I finished the doll that week (after the party) and the next week was Spring Break so the kids and I went to Virginia to visit family.  BEG lost BOTH her top front teeth in one day while there so I let her have the doll as her “tooth fairy” gift.  (We don’t really do the tooth fairy and she knows the truth about said issue but is smart enough to know that she wants to play the game anyway)!  She was promptly named Rose.

Waldorfian DollShe was initially wearing one of BEG’s baby dresses.  However, just a few weeks ago I made her a mermaid outfit.  (Template found here.

Mermaid outfit

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