A Trim Healthy Mama Yummo!

I had so much to catch up on with yesterday’s post that I didn’t go into anything relating to food! So, as a quick recap: moving meant trying to eat healthy but some days just eating whatever was quick and easy. I went to a new doctor in January just for a physical (and to ask some PMS questions…TMI?). My weight was at a point that it has never been unless I was pregnant. I don’t know why I was so surprised – my clothes were showing the changes very clearly. Anyway, we had attempted the Insanity program a few times but vacations and life had helped us make quick and easy detours. BEH and I started again and finished but I still didn’t see the results that I should have – because I had not made all the appropriate changes in the kitchen. Let me also clarify that I am not nor have I ever been very large. I am 5’2″ and have been blessed with a high metabolism most of my life so for those who know me, you can put the rocks down now! Simply put, I’ve had three kids and I’m short with a small frame. Every change shows!

Near the end of the Insanity nine weeks a friend posted that she needed to lose a lot of weight and was going to start the Paleo diet/lifestyle. I read up on this and thought I should try it as well because grains seem to always bloat me. So, I did it pretty hardcore for six weeks and definitely noticed a change in my body. However, for long-term purposes, I didn’t like the strictness of the plan nor the thought of completely excluding natural foods. A little more research led me to Trim Healthy Mama. I’ve been trying it out for a month or so and really like the science behind the plan and that it is more “user-friendly”. I’m still not 100% because I’m just not good like that but again, I.am.a.work.in.progress!

Following Insanity, BEH and I began Chalean Extreme and I love it! It’s strength training with a little cardio thrown in for good measure. Fits me soooo much better. So, long story long, I had another appointment at the same doctor today and the same digital scale smiled a 12-pound loss back at me. Back at normal goal weight and very pleased with the changes.

Tonight I made the THM Fooled Ya Pizza. The crust is made out of cauliflower. It freaks my daughter out. She’s eight and hates all cooked veggies – loves them raw. The BEBs will eat it but not as well as regular pizza. BEH and I love it! Well, tonight we love it even more. Normally, I do a turkey pepperoni version with some veggies. I decided to try a buffalo chicken version with blue cheese dressing. This laptop is having some issues lately and was very slow so I couldn’t find a recipe for the pizza but how hard could it be, right? I did find a recipe for blue cheese dressing here. I made the crust following the recipe (page 276 in the book), spread on my homemade blue cheese dressing (after letting it sit in the fridge for a few hours), added just a tiny bit of some Ranch dressing, and my shredded chicken tossed in butter and Frank’s hot sauce. I also added a few thin slices of onions before topping with mozzarella. We love wings so this was divine. DIVINE, I tell ya! We ate it so quickly that I didn’t think to take a picture of the whole pizza. Here’s what was left:


Needless to say, our bellies are full and we’re quite satisfied.  Hope you had an equally blessed evening!


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