Changes, Changes, Changes

How I do wish I could write everyday.  Heck, I wish I could write once a week!  It would make writing so much easier because there would not be so much built up.  🙂

We are quite settled into our new home.  BEG is now taking piano lessons and will turn seven-years-old next week (gasp). BEB is playing Wee Ball and had his first game on Saturday and let me just say, it was too cute.  And he turned five last week (double gasp).  LBEB is just a cute ball of trouble!  He is nearing 20-months-old and we started potty training last week.  He managed to pee pee at least once every day except yesterday so we’re making progress.  He spends most of his days naked from the waist down which brings no small measure of stress to his daddy.  He also managed to open his diaper while in his crib while it was full of poo.  By the time I found him, he had a brown nose and fingernails.  So incredibly gross but, alas, it does seem to be a huge part of motherhood!

I’ve been trying to catch up on a lot of crafty projects and am getting there.  Still trying to create a craft space for myself but the house is just not cooperating.  I’ll figure it out.  Pinterest is a great help!  I’ll post some of the completed projects as I can.

Now, as for changes.  We started making more health changes over the last year and really exercising and watching our diet the last month or two.  I’ve been working more organics into our diet…and budget.  Honestly, the whole organic movement just makes me mad.  Not because I don’t believe that it is healthier but because of the insane costs.  And so many people of “privilege” for lack of a better word, feel the need to condemn those who aren’t 100% organic without stopping to consider just how much it strains the budget to do so.  Okay, off my soapbox.  I buy what I can and pray over the rest!

We have also been taking a hard look at how we worship and celebrate our Lord.  We made some changes over the last two Christmas seasons and with Easter coming up there’s lots more to consider.  We’ve studied the origins of our American religious celebrations and find most of them to be pagan.  Now, that does not mean many do not celebrate from a completely pure motive and heart but we want to teach our children the true basics and not have them distracted by “fluff” so to speak.  So, we will be celebrating Passover this weekend.  Jesus celebrated Passover as did Paul and others following Christ’s ascension to heaven.  It’s part of our Christian heritage and our children should learn the meaning and purpose.  We will celebrate Resurrection Day but there will not be another day for them to think they are due gifts and candy and to hide and hunt eggs which have absolutely nothing to do with the celebration other than to serve as a distraction for the true meaning.  We fully realize this makes us different or even religious fanatics to some but honestly we’re the opposite of fanatical – we want to return to truth and basics.  It’s a learning process for us and we’ll just let the Lord lead.




Holding On As Life Whizzes By

So, obviously I haven’t been very proficient at multi-tasking these last few months.  I just read through my most recent posts and am surprised that all the projects and trips I was preparing myself to accomplish have come and gone.  It is now December 26 and I’m looking back at another chaotic year and forward to 2012.  Want to hear how all those “projects” worked out?

The BEB children and I are nearly half-way through our first year of home schooling…and surviving each other for the most part.  There have been some very hairy days and some very fun days.  We have studied other cultures, Ancient Egypt, addition, sight words, letters, colors, fractions, time and cursive.  We have read The Boxcar Children and Charlotte’s Web as well as several other good books.  We have discovered the joyful mess of making a pinata and visiting a local zoo to see firsthand the animals we were studying for North America.  And, probably most importantly, we are learning more about each other and how to make life work together for so many hours each day.  Oh, there are days when we all long for school outside the home – when I want a break and they want some extra play buddies – but the good by far outweighs the bad.  I think one day we’ll look back and know that it was a time of growth and blessing for each of us.

Let’s see…there was the little matter of a house for which we had just signed a contract.  As I write, I am sitting in the midst of boxes from our recent move!  We closed on the house (which resembles a cabin and sits in the middle of a 16-acre wooded lot) on October 5, about a week later than scheduled, and began to remodel the following Monday.  The BEH is always thinking about resale value so, while we could have moved in immediately, we chose to stay in the rental while the remodeling was taking place.  What a good decision that turned out to be.  I cannot imagine having moved in with our three little ones and living in the middle of such a mess for nearly three months.  Yes, three months for what we thought was going to take approximately six-weeks!  And, even though we moved in nine days ago, we just had our counter tops and the stove installed today and the kitchen sink and dishwasher will have their greatly-awaited installation tomorrow.  (Please note the date and re-read the last sentence).  Ah, yes, Christmas was two days ago and we were without a stove, sink, and counter tops.  Our contractor blessed us with a smoked turkey on Christmas Eve so we used that for turkey salad, mixed it with some rice, etc.  It felt a little like we were camping every time we needed to eat!  Of all years not to visit our family in Virginia!  🙂  Honestly, I would have gone crazy if we had moved into the house house the weekend before Christmas and then left town for four days so it was for the best and we’ve had a good time.

There was also a little trip to Disney World just three weeks ago!  Who are we kidding?  No trip to Disney World is little.  My Mom came to visit on December 3 and we told the kids were we all going on a special trip so on the 7th we headed south.  They had no idea until we came to the Welcome to Disney World sign.  We had a whirlwind four days of visiting all four parks, riding lots of rides, eating good, albeit unhealthy, food and meeting lots of characters.  And, we were all exhausted by the time we made it back at 3 am on the 11th.  Lots of photos and wonderful memories.  That was our Christmas gift for the family, by the way, so Christmas morning was a little smaller than usual.  We wanted a little more focus on the true reason anyway so this provided an easy way to pull their attention from brightly decorated boxes back to the small dusty manger sweetly protecting our Savior.

Still lots to do to the house, back to home schooling next week and I’ve been struggling with sinus infections since just after we returned from Disney.  I’m off to a Nyquil-induced coma and another day of chaos at a new brown-eyed brood house!  G’night all!



I think there is something inherently wrong deep within my soul that keeps me from being organized now that I have three little ones under my feet nearly every waking moment.  I know this isn’t anything new to mom’s out there but it sure is frustrating.  We’ve been living in a rental house for nearly a year and a half and some days that frustration in and of itself is enough to drive me even crazier than I am!

We moved from a four bedroom house with a full attic and two car garage to a three bedroom home with a carport – small bedrooms and closets.  There’s just no storage anywhere.  We were blessed that the house has a formal living room and a den so we have made the formal living room into our storage room and I just recently hung up a curtain so that I can’t see that mess every time I walk down the hall.  (The front door opens into a hallway and not that particular room; however, you do have to walk past it if you enter that way).  Anyway, I’ve gone through that room multiple times, repacking, trashing and trying to organize but within a week it’s usually back to being very difficult to simply walk through.

Then there’s the rest of the house.  There’s just clutter everywhere it seems.  Toys, clothes, books, papers, mail, etc.  I’ve tried purging but it seems that stuff gets replaced with more somehow.  We’re very blessed in that friends give clothes to both me and the children so I’m not complaining that we have an abundance.  Believe me, I praise the Lord constantly for his provision.  I just want to be a better steward of what He has given us.  I know you’re thinking I should get off the computer and get busy!  This is a rare moment being that it’s Saturday and the BEH and BEB #1 are both gone.  Part of me simply wants to rest on this Saturday afternoon but the other part looks around and wants to scream because I know that even if I work until time to crawl into the bed tonight, I still won’t have made much of a difference nor will I have taken a break.

So, I am in search of that happy medium.  Be joyful always and give thanks in all circumstances.  I suppose I will start there and ask God for wisdom in my organization.  You say a little prayer for me, too, please.  I’ll also go back and visit Fly Lady and maybe borrow some of her advice!  And, hey, blogs are great for tracking progress so we’ll see how I do.

Hello world!

So, here I sit, full of words, yet oddly at a loss for what to write on this blog that I have created in my mind for the last two years.  I’m sure it will take me a while to get the hang of blogging so for now I’ll just chat a bit about me and why I’m entering this public world of blogging.

My brown-eyed brood is a family of five (all varying shades of brown eyes but mostly we have some seriously dark eyes) living in the deep south via Virginia and North Carolina.  The brown-eyed hubby (hereafter BEH) has been the love of my life since entering adulthood – yes, we were all of 18 when we began this ride.  We dated for five years and have now been married for 10 1/2.  We have three adorable brown-eyed children – a daughter who is about to be six going on 21 (she is our brown-eyed girl, BEG), a son who is four in one week and so stinking cute (BEB), and the newest addition is also a son of seven months and I’m sure his face will one day crack from all the smiling (LBEB).

I wanted to blog to share my typical chaotic days with those in similar walks, share my projects and maybe even share some helps and tips and gain some in return.

We are in many ways the typical American family but in many ways we are not.  We believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior and sit in awe of Him on a daily basis.  My BEH and I are in a constant state of chaos that we love (most days) with our little ones and the craziness of every day life.  I have been a stay-at-home-mom for nearly a year and a half now, and prior to that I was a WAHM beginning when our BEG was 8-months-old.  We are pretty sure we are going to homeschool beginning this fall (I plan to be in a constant state of prayer over this decision!).  Our daughter is currently in public school and has been learning wonderfully but for many reasons we want to give homeschooling a try.  Most will read this and assume it is because we are Christians but there are several reasons.  Those include the fact that I hate that most of my time with my daughter (who just so happens to be the most hyper, least organized and least motivated of the three at the moment) revolves around us stressing to get ready for school, get your homework done, study your sight words, eat your supper, take your bath, etc. with very little time left for playing, snuggling and just being silly with the family.  The current state of government funding and changes in the education system is also playing a part.  We have several friends who are teachers and most of them are not happy with the changes, class sizes, etc.  We have a few friends who are former teachers planning to homeschool as well.  And, of course, we want to protect their little minds and bodies while they are little and arm them with strength and knowledge they will need as they get older and face all life’s trials.  My six-year-old doesn’t need to know who the top pop stars are just yet, that it matters to others whether her shoes have “an N or a check”, that “shid” is a cuss word that so-and-so told her about and so on.  Right now she just needs to enjoy her princess dresses and Barbies and feel safe and secure.  There’s plenty of time to find out all about the bad things this world has to offer.

Anyway, I have a dirty kitchen waiting for me, a husband who’s making a 45-minute detour to find the right bike for a certain little boy’s birthday party next weekend and a bed awaiting me to pass out very soon I hope.  It was nice meeting you.  Stop by again soon and we’ll sit on the porch and rock and chat a while.  (Told you I was in the deep south).  🙂

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