I think there is something inherently wrong deep within my soul that keeps me from being organized now that I have three little ones under my feet nearly every waking moment.  I know this isn’t anything new to mom’s out there but it sure is frustrating.  We’ve been living in a rental house for nearly a year and a half and some days that frustration in and of itself is enough to drive me even crazier than I am!

We moved from a four bedroom house with a full attic and two car garage to a three bedroom home with a carport – small bedrooms and closets.  There’s just no storage anywhere.  We were blessed that the house has a formal living room and a den so we have made the formal living room into our storage room and I just recently hung up a curtain so that I can’t see that mess every time I walk down the hall.  (The front door opens into a hallway and not that particular room; however, you do have to walk past it if you enter that way).  Anyway, I’ve gone through that room multiple times, repacking, trashing and trying to organize but within a week it’s usually back to being very difficult to simply walk through.

Then there’s the rest of the house.  There’s just clutter everywhere it seems.  Toys, clothes, books, papers, mail, etc.  I’ve tried purging but it seems that stuff gets replaced with more somehow.  We’re very blessed in that friends give clothes to both me and the children so I’m not complaining that we have an abundance.  Believe me, I praise the Lord constantly for his provision.  I just want to be a better steward of what He has given us.  I know you’re thinking I should get off the computer and get busy!  This is a rare moment being that it’s Saturday and the BEH and BEB #1 are both gone.  Part of me simply wants to rest on this Saturday afternoon but the other part looks around and wants to scream because I know that even if I work until time to crawl into the bed tonight, I still won’t have made much of a difference nor will I have taken a break.

So, I am in search of that happy medium.  Be joyful always and give thanks in all circumstances.  I suppose I will start there and ask God for wisdom in my organization.  You say a little prayer for me, too, please.  I’ll also go back and visit Fly Lady and maybe borrow some of her advice!  And, hey, blogs are great for tracking progress so we’ll see how I do.


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